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What is Collaborative Family Law?

Collaborative Family Law is an approach that empowers you to make your own decisions for your families and children over the long term. I relate. Collaborative Family Law offers a family solution that is affordable, respectful, timely, collaborative and delivers ‘separation done well’. We take a non-adversarial approach and are settlement focused, to get the best legal outcome for you and your family in relation to parenting, property and financial agreements.  

There is currently no clear pathway in Australia’s legal system for separated couples and families to make property or parenting arrangements. With the collaborative family law approach, you won’t need to wait 3 years to be heard by a Judge or spend up to $100,000 (or more) in legal fees.  

With over 95 years of experience in family relationship services, we can offer support that is tailored to your personal needs during this stressful time.

Who is this service for?

We support couples who are going through a separation and want a smooth and respectful way to resolve financial, property and parenting matters, without the conflict.

This approach is for couples who:

  • are waiting to separate and are ready to come to an agreement
  • have an asset pool in excess of $500,000 (if you are below this threshold, you may wish to consider Legal Aid)
  • are willing to cooperate with each other in a non-adversarial approach (if you are in extreme conflict this is not the right option for you)
  • are seeking a win-win outcome for both parties
  • want a result that prioritises children’s needs (if any children are involved)
  • want to resolve their matters in a timely manner and without great costs.

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How does it work?

Our experienced legal team at I relate. Collaborative Family Law will help you through the separation process from start to finish, resolving all parenting, property and financial issues arising from your marriage or de facto relationship. Our non-adversarial approach is achieved outside of the Court and provides legally binding outcomes for both parties.  

Unlike mediation and family dispute resolution, the collaborative process includes direct input and involvement from experienced family law solicitors along with other appropriate professionals in the same room. Instead of solicitors taking an adversarial stance, they work together respectfully towards a common goal and can help the parties legally document their agreement at the same time.

Where required, we engage other experts including child consultants and financial advisors to achieve a holistic outcome for your family, based on your individual needs and interests. Our aim is to create better social, financial and emotional outcomes for all families.

Unlike traditional law firms, our approach provides ongoing wraparound support such as:

  • Counselling services to talk things over with a professional to manage stress and difficulties
  • Parenting programs to support post separation and co-parenting
  • Case management to consider all aspects of your needs including housing, recreation, social support, employment, finances, and wellbeing
  • An experienced Child Consultant who can facilitate a child-focused discussion to ensure that the children’s voices are heard
  • Input from a financial advisor who can support planning for the future

Collaborative Practice (CP) Process

Family Law Collaborative Sydney Divorce step 1
step 1 Collaborative family law

You will have an initial consultation with someone from our legal team.

Step 2 Collaborative Family Law

If eligible and satisfied, you engage us as your lawyer. Your ex-partner then engages their own lawyer who must agree to the collaborative approach (we can supply a list of recommended lawyers for this). All parties disclose fee schedules and sign participation agreements.

Step 2 Collaborative Family Law Sydney Divorce Separation
Step 3 Collaborative Family Law Sydney Divorce Separation
Step 3 family law

Both clients are provided individual legal advice and prepare for joint sessions. At this stage, a child consultation may take place or a financial expert be engaged to prepare information and options for both parties.

step 4

Joint sessions are held to reach agreement between you and your ex-partner. Agreements are drafted/finalised and lodged with court/agencies.

Step 4 Collaborative Family Law Sydney Divorce Separation

Which approach is best for me?

How we can help you will depend on where you are in your separation.  

Option 1
If you and your ex partner have already drawn up agreements and you want to make them legally binding, you may not need to go through the full collaborative process to do this.  You will still need to engage in an initial consultation with us to discuss this option and obtain legal advice about your agreement.  

Option 2
If you and your ex partner are willing to come to an agreement, but are unsure how to proceed, then the collaborative approach as shown below is likely the best option for you.

Benefits and Costs

I relate. Collaborative Family Law prioritises the wellbeing of family relationships, whilst still being settlement focused. Click the button to learn more about the benefits and costs involved with the Collaborative Process.
Benefits and Costs
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