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Consider Collaborative Family Law.
Going through a separation?
We understand that going through a divorce or separation is a difficult time. If you and your ex-partner are ready to come to an agreement after your separation, I relate. Collaborative Family Law can help you bypass the confusion, stress and cost of using traditional law firms.I relate. Collaborative Family Law is a subsidiary of Interrelate. Proudly, all profits are channelled to Interrelate, enabling further support to communities in need. What this means is that we can provide benevolent relief, by adding essential resources and expanding our purpose of empowering thriving relationships.

What is collaborative family law?
Who is this service for?
How does it work?
Is it right for me?
I relate. Collaborative Family Law offers you a simpler way to separate. We offer you a unique service that is focused on achieving a fast resolution, supporting your family wellbeing and preserving your asset pool along the way.

Who we are
The team at I relate. Collaborative Family Law offers you empathy, experience and expertise in all areas of family law. We provide trusted advice and solutions based on your unique individual circumstances. We work collaboratively with other family lawyers to ensure we can achieve the best outcome for your family.
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