The Separation Journey

Free seminar for navigating separation

Navigating the process of separation with you

When it comes to family separation, everyone's situation is different. The information can be overwhelming, and the road ahead can seem long and expensive. This is why I relate. Collaborative Family Law is hosting a free 2-part series over 2 evenings, to help you navigate the separation journey and provide you with the knowledge that will leave you more informed, more empowered, and more confident to make the right decisions for you and your family.
Join Stephanie Lee and a panel of experienced professionals in family law, alternative dispute resolution and the financial sector to launch Interrelate’s latest social enterprise, I relate. Collaborative Family Law, as they walk you through the stages of how to separate respectfully.
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Mon Aug 29 2022 19:00:00 AEST

Session 1: Monday, 29 August 7pm - 8pm

How to separate better

Getting the advice you need for your separation

Stephanie Lee, Principal Solicitor, I relate. Collaborative Family Law 

Find out from I relate. Collaborative Family Law's principal solicitor, Stephanie Lee how to start your separation journey off on the right foot and where to get the right advice to support you and your family along the way. 

About Stephanie Lee

Accredited Specialist in Family Law

Our Principal Solicitor, Stephanie Lee is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law with over 20 years of experience successfully advising and representing private clients from Australia and overseas on the full range of family law and relationship issues such as property and parenting matters.  

Stephanie is a collaboratively trained family lawyer who is experienced in assisting parties to reach an agreement out of Court. She works collaboratively with other family lawyers and professionals from other disciplines such as financial advisors and family therapists to ensure a comprehensive approach to achieving the best outcome for families.

Moving forward

What is the right approach for me?

A conversation with Bernie Bolger and Stephanie Lee

What is the collaborative process and how is it different to other legal separation processes? Join Bernie and Stephanie as they chat about the collaborative approach in family law, and how to know if it is the right approach for you.

About Bernie Bolger

Principal of The Mediation Collective

Bernie sees good communication as the key to cutting through all sorts of difficult relationship issues, whether work related, relationship related, or post-separation/divorce related. She attributes her success not only to her empathic style and people skills but also to her strong focus on results. Facilitating difficult conversations is one thing – facilitating difficult conversations towards purposeful goals is where Bernie’s combined business and counselling experience really produces results.

Bernie is trained in the collaborative practice, has a Masters in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy, a Graduate Diploma in Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. Today Bernie works with people whose relationships have broken down but who still want to have a civil, respectful relationship as co-parents post divorce.

The long-term benefits of the collaborative approach

From a coach's perspective

A conversation with David Roberts and Stephanie Lee

Find out what is the role of a coach in the collaborative process, how they can support you through the journey, and the long-term benefits of having a third neutral party to guide you during your separation process.

About David Roberts

Coach & Mediator

David has 20 years of experience in family law assisting couples through the challenging task of separation. He is a careful, non-judgemental, and empathetic listener who creates a calm space where you can work through your issues. Using well researched approaches, to reduce conflict, improve communication, and manage stress, he will help guide you through the collaborative process and assist you in reaching agreements.  

David is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with the Attorney General’s Department, a member of Collaborative Professionals NSW, the Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Session 2: Tuesday, 30 August 7pm - 8pm

Acknowledging the trauma, and compassion for self

A psychologist's perspective

A conversation with Veronica Engel and Stephanie Lee

Join Veronica and Stephanie as they talk through the psychological and emotional effects of separation, and how to take care of yourself and manage this difficult period of your life. 

About Veronica Engel

Registered Pyschologist

Veronica Engel is a registered psychologist, with a passion for health and supporting people to reach their full potential.  

Veronica implements evidence-based strategies to support her clients to improve their wellbeing, and handle life's challenges with greater success, using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), guided meditation, and gut-directed hypnotherapy, and personalises treatment to suit her patient's needs.

Including the child's voice

A child consultant's perspective

A conversation with Naomi Douglas and Stephanie Lee 

What is a child consultant, and what role do they play in separation? Hear from Child Consultant and Family Dispute Practitioner, Naomi Douglas and Stephanie Lee as they cover how to include the child’s voice in separation discussions.

About Naomi Douglas

Child Consultant

Naomi is a Family Dispute Practitioner and a Child Consultant, with over 10 years of experience working in the field. Naomi specialises in child inclusive family dispute resolution and works with a child focused approach, ensuring that the child’s voice is heard and understood in matters of family conflict and family separation.

Naomi holds a master's degree in Social Work and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Naomi is passionate about helping parents to reduce conflict and create child friendly home environments post-separation.

Your money questions

The reality of separation, budgeting and planning for the future.

A conversation with Tanya Carlson and Stephanie Lee

When it comes to separation, knowing how to separate finances and assets can seem overwhelming and downright stressful. Join Tanya and Stephanie as they cover the role of a financial advisor and the benefits of financial advice in the long term.

About Tanya Carlson

Financial Adviser

Tanya Carlson is a Financial Adviser and founder of Amplify Wealth Management and supports individuals and business owners create their dream life through simple, healthy financial habits that build their wealth and empower them to make smart decisions with their money.  

Tanya is renowned for her work in divorce and separation and encourages money mindfulness – making conscious decisions around how you spend your money. Tanya hosts a podcast called Money Mind, a series designed to showcase people from all walks of life by sharing their stories and opening the discussion around the often-taboo topic of money.

Not sure if you're in the right place?

I relate. Collaborative Family Law works with other legal and financial professionals to provide you and your family with an outcome that is tailored to your situation. If you:

  • have recently separated from your partner
  • are considering separation and want to know what is involved
  • are a friend or family member of someone going through a separation and want to support them in understanding the process
  • are a service provider who wants to know more about how you can support your clients with the collaborative family law process

We can support you with information and resources throughout your separation journey.


Register and receive a free 15-minute consultation to discuss if I relate. Collaborative Family Law is the right approach for you, plus access to a range of bonus content to support you to walk the path of separation respectfully.

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